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Debbie Reed Fischer

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  • Wed, 14:21: A couple in front of me on this flight is making out like crazy. Neither one is easy on the eyes, & it makes me happy they found each other.
  • Wed, 14:21: For the 1rst time, I wore a medical mask on flight. Let the coughing/hacking/mucous band play. I saw Contagion. YOU'RE NOT GETTING ME, GERMS
  • Wed, 14:23: Man on my flight picked up his shoes, smelled them, spit into them, and then put them on. Happy holidays. #peoplearestrange
  • Thu, 06:04: RT @mjs_DC: RIP Sister Wendy, who was not only an incisive art critic but also a courageous defender of artistic freedom. Her nuanced defen…
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